Billy ebike battery - PRE ORDER

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Billy is the go-anywhere urban electric bike that turns curbs and potholes into your ultimate playground.

This is the battery that makes him go.


This item is currently available for pre-orders only. Secure your Billy ebike battery today to ensure you don't miss out when we start shipping in June 2018.



This Billy ebike battery was engineered with fun in mind. Its 13.6Ah of energy can propel a 500w Billy bike over 40 miles* - that's a lot of smiles.


13.6AH - With more energy than your average ebike battery, your Billy ebike will give you the good times for longer.

2.5KG - At almost half the weight of our closest competitors', our batteries don't add unnecessary mass to your ride.

ENERGY DENSITY - We've packed incredibly dense lithium ion cells into our battery casing to achieve more energy storage in a relatively small case.

SAMSUNG CELLS - Our Samsung li-ion cells are high quality and built to last.

ON/OFF CHARGING - Securely locked within the Billy frame during use, our battery can be charged both on and off the bike with ease.

USB PORT - The built in USB charging port means your devices can stay charged while on the go.


BATTERY: 13.6Ah Samsung lithium-ion, on/off bike charging available
WEIGHT: 5.5lbs (2.5kg)


*Range based on closed track testing, PAS 3, 150lbs rider weight, test completed in 3 hours.