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Miller SE single speed ebike

Redefine Freedom with Miller SE by Enki Cycles

There's nothing like the quiet, carefree ride that only a single speed bike can offer - and let's face it, nothing looks quite as good. No clunky gears to consider, select and maintain. No unnecessary cables or weighty shifter parts. Just point the front wheel in that direction and ride.

It's this thought that lives at the heart of the Miller SE single speed e bike. With true Miller heritage running through its veins, Miller SE shares the same polished aluminum frame, geometry, hidden downtube battery, hydraulic brakes, bars, seat and wheels. We then simplified things by making Miller SE a pure single speed in the best sense of the word.

The silent Gates CDX Carbon Belt makes a perfect line from the chainring through to the perfectly matched rear sprocket and 60Nm Bafang motor, providing more than enough torque to tackle your city's inclines.

Miller SE's custom saddle and 700x40C Vee Tires offer ample cushion and control, even when the going gets a little rough.

The hidden down tube battery is built using premium Samsung 21700 cells, supplying 360Wh of power (up to 62 miles range) to an overall package light enough to throw over your shoulder and carry up your Brooklyn walk-up.

For these reasons and many more, Miller SE is simply the very best single speed electric bike you can buy today.


Single speed e bike - Miller SE


Enki Cycles has been featured on uncrate, designboom and more.


"With its classic frame, smooth welds, mid-drive torque-sensing motor, Gates Carbon Belt Drive and Samsung battery hidden within the frame, it is not just sexy for an e-bike – it’s sexy full stop."


Electric BMX bike with lifetime warranty


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Miller SE Fixed Gear e bike Miller SE Fixie Electric Bike Miller SE Fixie ebike by Enki


Looking for the best single speed electric bike you can possibly buy right now? Whether you're commuting to work or college, or heading out to a bar or brunch, Miller SE will get you there and back with minimal sweat and maximum fun. Ride Miller SE today.


"Enki Cycles’ Stylish, Sleek Miller Doesn’t Even Look Like an e-Bike"


Ride single speed electric bike Miller SE today