About Us


At Enki we believe in one thing above all else: That riding should always be fun. Much like our mythological namesake, our team are creative, intelligent, and often mischievous. We are e-bike engineers, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs, and we all live on two wheels. We have been developing bicycles, e-bikes and motorcycles for markets in the USA, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia for over 11 years.


We are creative. Our approach to design does not follow trends. We are not fashion – we don’t try to be cool because the season says so. We envision and create with our riding hearts and make no apologies. We simply make what we want. Period.



We are smart. With a team consisting of some of the industry’s most brilliant minds, we develop with meticulous consideration and a fine attention to detail. This approach, combined with leading technologies results in rides unlike any other.



We are mischievous. We play games and tricks and laugh when we’re not meant to. Just when you think you have us figured out, we’ll surprise you once again with a ride that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear.