Towards Carbon Negative

Our Goal Is Ambitious

Joining forces with One Tree Planted to help out with their California project is the first step in our journey towards a truly carbon negative footprint.  Our goal is ambitious and for some, may seem impossible, but we have often gone against the grain in Enki; they said we couldn’t build a successful company unless we took shortcuts in production and compromised on quality. We proved them wrong, and we intend to do the same here. Because one of the driving forces behind creating this company was a desire to do better than the generations before us. To look after the environment we have so our children will have one.

Enki ebikes are sold on three continents (and counting) and offer the highest quality manufacturing processes and components available. Our goal is to make an entirely carbon neutral supply chain and carbon negative frame production by leveraging green logistics and our own renewable energy sources.

Clean air should be everyone’s goal and we’re committed to leading the charge as a manufacturer.  For us, it’s about reducing (and then eliminating) our manufacturing carbon footprint, and doing our bit to clean the air around us.


So, What Happens Next?

Enki X One Tree Planted

To begin with, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted and have committed to planting 25 trees for every ebike sale we make which equates to thousands of trees every year that help clean the air. That’s a significant impact in our books.

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