Emble Electric Bike Solar Charger

Electric Bike Solar Charger - EMBLE 

Maximize The Fun

We ride our electric bikes to commute, to explore - for fun wherever we are.

To maximize the fun, you need to find a way to extend your range. Sure, you can carry extra batteries, but this will only take you so far.

The brief was simple: create a scalable, portable, renewable charging system that was thinner, lighter and more efficient than anything in the market - and with the Emble electric bike solar charger by Enki, we've done that.

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+ Charge 36V and 48V electric bike batteries using renewable solar energy

+ Our Made in The USA SunPower C60 cells are the most efficient and reliable solar cells of their kind

+ Electric bike solar panel with scalable power of 200W+

+ Our highly efficient MPPT solar controller extracts maximum energy from the available sunlight

+ Our precise angle system allows you to point Emble ebike solar panels directly towards the sun for maximum charging efficiency

+ DC, USB Type C and High Speed USB output options

+ Scale Emble electric bike solar panels to cater to your specific charging and cargo needs

+ Charge your portable devices and laptop computers with minimal solar charger setups as light as 0.85kg


    "By focusing our design on maximizing efficiency, we’ve been able to create a solar charging system that is lighter and ultimately more powerful than anything else out there."



    Enki Cycles has been featured on uncrate, designboom and more.



    ebike solar panel - carbon negative


    Emble E-bike Solar Charging Panel System

    Looking for a portable solar panel for your electric bike, laptop or personal devices? The Emble scalable ebike solar charger is designed to adapt to your requirements, no matter what day it is. Sign up to be the first to know when Emble becomes available today.


    "Never before has there been an electric bike solar charger as efficient - let alone scalable - as this before."


    Sign up to the Emble electric bike solar charger waitlist today