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There's no denying the influence Bafang motors have had on the electric bike industry

They've been around since 2003 and given Bosch only started making ebike motors in 2011, they've had a hell of a head start. And while it's near impossible to determine the exact number of Bafang mid drive motors and hub motors out there, and compare those numbers to the exact number of Bosch and Yamaha motors, the fact that back in 2016 200+ million electric bikes were used daily in China suggests that there might very well have been the market demand to drive the development of Bafang motors ahead of its competitors.


Bafang mid drive motor vs Bafang hub motor

Bafang Mid Drive vs Bafang Hub Motor

There's much contention over which Bafang motor type is superior, and having spent thousands of hours designing, building and testing both types, we understand there is no clear answer. There are so many factors involved that it rarely comes down to a simple question of which one is better. It comes down to the individual application, the type of ride you want to experience, the terrain you intend to ride, the weight distribution you wish to achieve, the cost, the robustness of the ebike motor, and many more. Claiming outright that a mid mount motor is "better" than a rear hub motor is actually quite meaningless because it has no basis. The mid drive "better" in this case might offer a more central mass, but this motor places more stress on the drivetrain and rear triangle, so introduces variables that might lead to failure that previously weren't significant in the hub motor option.

Enki Cycles Billy with Bafang hub motor g060 series

Why We Use A Bafang Rear Hub Motor With Billy

A rugged, tested motor

Designed for fat bikes, the Bafang G060 series of rear hub motor is practically bulletproof. In all the years we've been selling this ebike hub motor it has never failed us. Seriously. The 80Nm of torque team with the 20"x4.0" tires and twist throttle to give you an insanely fun ride in any urban, hard-pack or gravel environment.

Better for folding

When Billy folds it rests on a bracket below the chain ring. If we used a mid motor, there might be contact with the motor and the ground. This is something we weren't willing to expose ourselves to. Also, since the rear hub motor is tucked away and doesn't protrude, particularly around the crankset, it makes for a cleaner look.

A more Moto feel

The cadence-sensing feature of the G060 series pairs perfectly with the twist throttle give more more of a motorbike feel. In Billy's case, we didn't want to have to pedal hard to go hard.

Weight distribution

Rear weight emphasis was balanced out by the front weight bias of the battery, so the bike actually feels more balanced than if it had a mid mounted engine. Particularly for this kind of riding, the central/rear weight distribution gives the frontend a light feel and allows you to pop up over obstacles and steps quite easily.


Enki Cycles Miller with Bafang mid drive m600 motor

Why We Use A Bafang Mid Drive With Miller

The ultimate commuter

Torque sensing and pedal assist only, Miller's mid mount motor gives the rider a feeling of ultimate precision. The amount of force applied to the pedals is immediately communicated to the motor for an instant response. This also makes for better range management because it only 'goes' when your body tells it to.

IGH Gearing

The Bafang mid drive allows us to use an internally geared hub, which in turn increases the versatility of the ebike. Gear down and climb steeper hills - gear up lengthen your stride for a faster top end.

Battery serviceability

Accessing our downtube battery is actually made easier with the mid motor. Bafang's proprietary motor bracket provides the perfect junction between the down tube and the motor itself, and it's a simple matter of dropping the motor and sliding the battery out.

Weight distribution

The motor, downtube battery and relatively light IGH in the rear gives an overall central weight distribution, allowing the rider to remain agile, as if they were riding a standard urban bicycle. The only difference is, they get there in half the time and none of the sweat.


So, Which Do I Choose?

The answer's simple - Get both!

No, seriously, there is no clear answer for which of the Bafang motors is the "best", as the choice is completely personal. The one thing we know for sure is Bafang are among the highest, if not the most experienced, tried and tested electric bike motors out there and the brand we plan on sticking with for many years to come.

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"Enki Cycles created the Billy with a hyper-responsive twist throttle and motoX inspired cockpit giving it a look and feel that you won't find in the e-bike world."

"Miller has been built with the city rider in mind – with the aim of bringing "joy back to your commute." And it's a bit of a looker too."