Original Billy ebike

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Billy is the go-anywhere urban electric bike that turns curbs and potholes into your ultimate playground.




Beginning with the simplicity and pure joy of the BMX riding platform, the Billy electric bike is engineered to produce a ride quite unlike any other.


CONTROL - Ride with confidence with our ultra wide BMX bars and hyper responsive twist throttle.

STEALTH - Ride like a ninja with our Gates carbon drive that’s as smooth as butter and maintenance free.

DRIVE - Ride further with our high torque fat bike motor, giving better climbing performance. 

ACCELERATE - Ride quicker with our 20-inch lightweight cutout rims for improved acceleration.

CUSTOMIZE - Ride your own way with 5 levels of power control. Each level determines power and speed.

FLICKABLE - Ride harder with our BMX /MotoX inspired geometry and lightweight aluminum package.


HUB MOTOR - Choose between 500W or 250W motor options.


FRAME MATERIAL: Aluminium 6061
CHAINSET: Gates Carbon belt drive
FRONT SUSPENSION: Fully adjustable air shock, preload/compression damping/lockout
REAR SUSPENSION: spring, preload adjustment
REAR DISC: 160mm
RIMS: 20 inch fat rims
HUB MOTOR: 500W Fat Bike Motor: Bafang RM G060.500.DC / 250W** Fat Bike Motor: Bafang RM G060.250.DC

BATTERY: 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion, on/off bike charging available

RANGE/SPEED: 41 mile (65km) range* / 20mph
STANDOVER HEIGHT: 30in (755mm)
SEAT HEIGHT: 32in (805mm) to 38.5in (977mm)
MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 300lbs (136kg)
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 68in (1715mm) x 31in (785mm) x 45in (1140mm)
WEIGHT: w/o batt. 48.5lbs (22kg), w/ batt. 54lbs (24.5kg)

*Range based on 500W closed track testing,
PAS 3, 150lbs rider weight, test completed in 3 hours.

**250W version does not come with a throttle, is pedal assist only and limited to 25km/h to satisfy EU and AU ebike requirements.



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